Let us introduce ourselves 
Our group name is Attleboro Paranormal Investigations; we are a small group dedicated to researching the paranormal. We are from Attleboro Ma area. We all have had our reasons to be called to do investigating. Weather it is from a direct paranormal encounter that has left a question in your mind. Curiosity about life after death. But when you have decided to take on this roll it almost becomes a passion. If you are an individual that likes to learn both the tech side and the practical this is a wonderful field. New equipment is always just around the corner and the chance to use it. You by doing an investigation could have the ability to help somebody thought an insecure time. So if you are in the Attleboro area please give us a call, our investigations can be either inside our out. If you would like to join our group please use the numbers on the following pages.
  Or you can always see us at www.attleboroparanormal.com

This page was last updated: December 1, 2019
Attleboro Paranormal is looking for 3 members, all will be in evolved in the investigations, we need a PR person, historian for hunt info and a tech to help me. We have a lot of new equipment. All hunts will be produced into TV shows for Cable. If you’re serious about ghost hunting please give Lynn a call at 774-225-6042 or Lynn’s cell 774-300-2231 and visit our web site attleboroparanormal.com  
Lynn's new Ultraviolet  Video Cam  nice &  Light
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