This page was last updated: January 30, 2020
Attleboro Paranormal is looking for 3 members, all will be in evolved in the investigations, we need a PR person, historian for hunt info and a tech to help me. We have a lot of new equipment. All hunts will be produced into TV shows for Cable. If you’re serious about ghost hunting please give Lynn a call at 774-225-6042 or Lynn’s cell 774-300-2231 and visit our web site  

.Hello Everyone,
The first thing I would like to do is thank all of you for your support over the years, you have all been great. As you know we took a bit of time away from investigating, but we are now putting it all back together and we hope to bring you more insight into the paranormal world.  
Before Wayne and I started API we went to as many seminars and training sessions as we could find. Neither one of us wanted to go into investigating blind. We found a place to meet and some wonderful people to be on our team. We were also fortunate to meet some of the best Paranormal Investigators in the area.
At one point we decided to that we wanted to make our own TV show and with the help of our awesome local cable station, Double ACS, we learned to film, edit and produce our own show and so Chasing the Unknown was born. Double ACS was also kind enough to let us do several live interviews with of the some of the best people in the Paranormal field.
As I said we had a wonderful team, but there was one member that stood out and touched all of our lives. We had a strict rule that no team members could be under 18 years old, but one of our members, Sandy, convinced us that her son Cody was mature enough to be part of our team. And so, in April of 2011 we met Cody Ray DesBiens and he became part of our team.  
Cody Ray just seem to have a natural ability to handle investigations, and he experienced some things that would make most adults turn and run. I discovered that my abilities seemed to be stronger when we investigated together. Cody Ray did so well and showed so much potential and maturity, that he was soon hosting Chasing the Unknown and doing an amazing job.
Then the unthinkable happened, on October 20, 2011 Cody was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia and a very long battle began for him. Cody was fortunate and they were able to find a donor for him and on April 5, 2013 he received a bone marrow transplant. He fought a long hard battle and spend months in the hospital missing everything a High School senior should enjoy.
By the time Cody Ray was regaining his health, we decided to take a break from API for a while to regroup and bring back our Renaissance Rock Band, but we never lost touch with Cody.
In May on 2014 TAPS approached Cody to join their team and he has been with them ever since specializing in technology and investigation. The show his working on now is Ghost Nation on the Travel Channel where he is part of the New England episodes.
For some who started very young and had to face so much adversity, he became our success story. I would always tease Cody and tell him that if ever won an Emmy there had better be a place at his table for us. I still think it may happen and I am holding him to it. Way to go Cody Ray.

More  to follow